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  The Frog

When we started our agency in 2009 we decided to use our last name as the agency name. It happens to be of Belgian origin. Historically, in Old Dutch the name was loosely translated to mean “frog” and in fact, the family crest features a frog. Therefore, it seemed like a great idea to incorporate a frog into our logo. Our agency began with a commitment to be different than many insurance agencies. Our focus would be on making certain our customers thoroughly understood the risks they faced and the insurance coverage options available. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. The DePuydt Agency is based in Ahwatukee however we serve Metropolitan Phoenix to include, Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and Tempe.

Individuals and families

 We insure homes, automobiles, RV’s, motorcycles, boats, collections and collector autos, health insurance and pet health insurance. We know how important your lifestyle is and are determined to find the right coverage to protect your home and possessions, autos and recreational vehicles and toys at the lowest cost. In addition to your physical possessions, we insure your health as well your pet’s health.


Insurance for business property, commercial real estate, vacant property, general liability, liquor liability, cyber liability and employment practices liability, contract liability, workers compensation. You’ve worked hard to build a business, a lifelong achievement. Making sure it is adequately protected is a key to allowing you to focus on growth. Insuring your business property from loss as well as being covered from the possibility of legal action requires a thorough understanding of your business and risks you face. Emerging risks from employment practices to cyber crime all must be considered. We insure business located throughout Arizona including Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and Tempe.


Event liability insurance for sporting events, running events, biking events, golf tournaments, baseball leagues, soccer leagues, football leagues, baseball tournaments, soccer tournaments, festivals, neighborhood events, food events, weddings, rodeos, vendor liability. We insure events throughout Arizona including Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Tempe.

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