Equipment Service Contracts

Medical equipment provider

Get rid of your OEM service agreements

Are You Overpaying for Equipment Service Contracts?

Equipment service and maintenance is one of a medical organization’s largest fixed budget items. It is possible to reduce this cost 10-20% without any change in service providers or operations.

There is an alternative to OEM service agreements?

  • Equipment
    • Medical
    • Laboratory
    • Security
    • Communication
    • Information Technology
  • Consolidate
    • 1 contract
    • 1 billing date
    • 1 number to call for service
    • 1 online portal for access to service histories
  • Easy
    • No long-term agreement
    • Add or delete equipment at any time
    • Use vendors of choice
  • Trust
    • Backed by CNA
    • Client service provided by Remi