Your Initial Consultation

Upon your arrival at the Dayspring Cancer Clinic, our doctors will review your medical records and healthy history, and perform necessary diagnostic tests and procedures. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation and consultations with your naturopathic clinician, dietitian, and other members of your multidisciplinary care team.

Information gathered in the initial evaluation helps us formulate treatment recommendations best suited to you. It generally takes just a matter of days from your arrival at The Dayspring Cancer Clinic until you have a comprehensive treatment plan, tailored to your needs, in place.

Under One Roof

At the Dayspring Cancer Clinic, your dedicated team of cancer experts will deliver all of your cancer treatments and therapies within the clinic. This structure provides the following benefits:

• The members of your care team are able to meet regularly to discuss your
needs and the progress of your treatment
• All of your appointments/treatments will take place at the clinic, so you don’t
generally have to go from one location to another.

• Your primary doctor will work alongside other clinicians to provide fully-
integrated treatment, which helps to reduce side effects and improve your
quality of life during cancer treatment.